tears of the kingdom skyview tower locations guide

Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower Locations Guide

In Breath of the Wild, players had to climb Sheikah towers to access the map, and in Tears of the Kingdom (like most things), the process is similar but still pretty different. The new Skyview towers usually require you to do an extra side quest on top of the challenge of just reaching them in the first place.

In this guide, I’ll detail each tower’s location, sidequest, and reward. These usually vary from just being rewarded for reaching the tower to a quest that will take a few minutes and a bit of critical thinking. If you need to know the best ways to finish every tower, this guide is for you.

Bottom Line Up-Front

After talking to Purah and restoring the central tower, you’ll find the rest of them fairly quickly by just searching around with the scope on the Purah Pad for the high beams that each one has. There are 15 towers, one for each area of the map.

Tower Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower Locations

Shown here is the map with all the Skyview Towers circled in red. While just jumping out of a tower and marking them on your map with the scope will have you finding every single one with ease, I’ll still list all the locations here for anyone having trouble:

  1. Lookout Landing is located at -0293, 0137, and 0025. It should be your first stop after leaving Great Sky Island and is right in front of Hyrule Castle.
  2. Hyrule Field is, well, in Hyrule Field, and right below the Lookout Landing tower at -0753, -1019, and 0064. This should be your second stop as it reveals much of the map.
  3. Popla Foothills is in the lower center of the map, located at 0602, -2119, 0098, down and to the right from the Hyrule Field tower.
  4. Sahasra Slope is to the lower right of the map, located and 1344, -1170, 0166, and is quickly flown from any of the previous three towers; to the right of Hyrule Field, down and to the right of Lookout Landing or up and to the right of Popla Foothills.
  5. Rabella Wetlands is the bottom right-most tower, right near the coast. It’s located at 2419, -2762, 0222 and can be flown from the Popla Foothills or Sahasra Slope towers.
  6. Mount Lanayru is located atop the large mountain on the lower-right part of the map and is at 3846, -1307, and 0539. Unfortunately, it can’t really be flown to from any tower as it’s so incredibly high up, but the Rabella Wetlands one gives a decent headstart.
  7. Upland Zorana is located in the middle-right part of the map, a little bit off the coast. It’s at 2858, 0582, -0379, and can be quickly flown to from the Mount Lanayru tower.
  8. Eldin Canyon is located around the foot of Death Mountain, at the map’s upper-right. It can be accessed with no heat protection at 1637, 1183, or 0225. Flying in from Upland Zorana makes this easy to get to.
  9. Ulri Mountain is in the top-right, just below the Ancient Tech Lab and Stable. It’s at 3493, 2019, 0188, and the Eldin Canyon or Upland Zorana towers can get you there.
  10. Typhlo Ruins is a bit out of the way from the rest of the towers, right at the top center of the map, above the Lost Woods. This one is at 0343, 4144, and 0180, and the Eldin Canyon one should get you most of the way there.
  11. Pikida Stonegrove is in the upper left of the map, on the peak of one of the Hebra Mountains. It’s at -2318, 3066, 0443, but you can’t fly to it from any tower since it’s high up, but the Typlo Ruins one should give you a headstart.
  12. Rospro Pass is at the upper left, right near the edge of the map, and right above Rito Village. It’s located at -3686, 2342, 0233 and is flown to pretty quickly from the Pikida tower.
  13. Lindor’s Brow is up and to the left of the very center of the map, to the left of Hyrule Castle. It’s at -1901, 1243, and 0297 and can be flown from Rospro Pass or Pikida Stongrove towers.
  14. Gerudo Canyon is out of the way of most other towers on the hills outside the Gerudo Desert in the bottom left of the map. It’s at -2432, -2178, 0307. It can be flown from the Hyrule Field tower, which should get you most of the way there.
  15. Gerudo Highlands is on the snowy mountains above the Gerudo Desert. It’s at -3959, -1313, and 0422 and can be flown from the Gerudo Canyon tower.

This route is the one I’ll be going with throughout this guide, as it can get you to every tower with a minimal amount of fast traveling or backtracking. I’d recommend a stamina upgrade or two and grabbing some Wings from a Zonai gacha machine. These flights are going to take a while.

Lookout Landing

Tears of the Kingdom Lookout Landing

The first thing you should do when leaving the Great Sky Island is head to Hyrule Castle, where you’ll find Lookout Landing, a small town that houses Purah, who will hook you up with the ability to activate towers after you talk to her. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say about this, as it’s the tutorial for towers, and the game walks you through it.

Hyrule Field

Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule Field

On the other hand, the Hyrule Field tower is not so simple. It has a vast enemy camp around it, containing everything from boss bokoblins, armored bokoblins, giant spiky balls, and explosives. So while you could rush in head-on and brute force your way through this tough battle, some strategies might be in order.

Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule Field

While there are endless ways to go about it, my path was to get four fans from Zonai Capsules and stick them to the bottom of a plank of wood. This will make a flying platform that isn’t easily controllable but can get you enough lift to handle this task. Then, after flying up, jump into the tower, activate it, and leave.

For the aggressive approach, I’d recommend going up the front as usual, backflipping in front of enemies to flurry rush. Once you get to the top, recall the spike ball as it gets sent down. Next, I’d recommend attaching a bomb barrel to your shield and one to a spear, throwing the spear in the camp and exploding everyone.

If you still need more damage to be dealt, I’d say get up high and spam arrows while fusing many elements to them. I’d recommend trying a ruby arrow here, as there are a bunch of bomb barrels in the area. Then, after enough enemies have been cleared out, you can activate the tower.

Popla Foothills

Tears of the Kingdom Popla Foothills

The Popla Foothills tower is open right away and easy to get to, but the terminal inside won’t work right away, and there is no clear explanation. The answer lies in the well right in front of the tower, and dropping inside will have you fall right into a pond, leading to a cave with mushrooms and fish.

Tears of the Kingdom Popla Foothills

Inside the cage at the end of this tunnel, you’ll find a guy named Elmerson. He got stuck inside a trap and needed some help getting out, but the way to open is a button on the other side.

So you need to use Ascend and go to the other end of the cage he’s trapped in on the surface. Basically, ascend, then head forward until you see a cave entrance behind you.

After this, you can head to the other side of the cage, stand on the button in front of it, and Elmerson will be free to go. You can now head back to the tower, talk to him, and he’ll fix the broken terminal. So now you’ve got the tower that lets you see quite a bit more of the lower side of the map.

Sahasra Slope

Tears of the Kingdom Sahasra Slope

Once you get to this tower, you’ll see a Rito named Billson standing at the door, who will tell you that it’s stuck and won’t open, and if you try yourself, you’ll find he’s entirely correct. He’ll also mention foraging for mushrooms in the cave underneath this tower, which, if you’ve been using Ascend for a while, will clue you in on how to complete this.

Tears of the Kingdom Sahasra Slope

You should explore the caves by using a homemade sledgehammer (I recommend fusing a heavy weapon with decent durability with a nearby boulder, it helps quite a bit to use the charge move), and you’ll eventually be able to make your way directly under the tower on your minimap.

If you don’t get it on your first try, press B to cancel the ascend and try to get closer. This should get you inside the tower, where you can pick up the sticks with ultrahand or as weapons. After that, open the door, and Billson can come in to fix the terminal, letting you be on your way.

Rabella Wetlands

Tears of the Kingdom Rabella Wetlands

This tower has a challenge I’d imagine might stump a bunch of people, but in retrospect is pretty simple. It’s entirely covered with thorns that can be destroyed by lighting them on fire, but it will rain constantly until the tower is activated. This means the thorns can’t catch fire as they’re always wet.

Tears of the Kingdom Rabella Wetlands

Luckily, you can use a material cache nearby to block the rain from hitting the thorns. I’d recommend just using ultrahand to hold the plank in place for a bit, drop it, then using Recall to keep it in place for long enough, then light it on fire using one of the several ways to commit arson in this game, then keep the plank held in place with ultrahand.

This should clear out the thorns and make the doors accessible, letting you use the terminal immediately. If it doesn’t work, it’s probably because some rain is still getting through, likely because the plank isn’t pressed up close enough to the tower’s wall. You can also build a bit of an overhang instead of holding it in place yourself.

Mount Lanayru

Tears of the Kingdom Mount Lanayru

This one is entirely gimmick-free, you only have to get there, but the problem is that it’s super high up on a mountain that loves being covered in ice. So I’d recommend getting some anti-slip potions (you can find the frogs for them around Kakariko Village) or making a decent flying machine that can help you ascend this mountain.

I’d recommend running up every slope that has some snow on it and isn’t covered in ice, but if you have to deal with ice, you can try ascending through it if there is something above you or just constantly pressing B to try and run up it instead of climbing. Either way, bring two layers of cold protection; it’s very chilly outside.

Tears of the Kingdom Mount Lanayru

The top part of the mountain will usually be the most difficult, consisting of quite a lot of ice. So the trick here is to run around until you find the one or two spots that aren’t icy and climb up that, or just tough it out and deal with the slippery surface. Either way, get into the tower and activate it for a super high-up launching point.

Upland Zorana

Tears of the Kingdom Upland Zorana

This one is right next to Zora’s Domain, and I’d recommend starting up the first part of it if you feel like getting a hint on doing this on your own. The gist is that Zora’s domain has recently been covered in icky paint-like goop, and you can wash it away using water (namely splash fruit arrows.) If this whole thing isn’t a Mario Sunshine reference, I am shocked.

Tears of the Kingdom Upland Zorana

The entrance to the tower is covered in this goop, which, if you remember, we can wash away. So you only need to get the goop in front of the door, and the tower will work from there. I find it odd that this quest requires you to start the Zora one to figure it out yourself, but it’s also close by, so it’s not too annoying.

Eldin Canyon

Tears of the Kingdom Eldin Canyon

Once you arrive at the Eldin Canyon tower, you’ll meet up with Sawson, who informs you that a big chunk of Zonai ruins crashed into the tower, making the doors stay shut. You’ll even notice the lid of the tower on the ground in front of it, but unlike last time when the door was jammed, we have to go over instead of under.

Tears of the Kingdom Eldin Canyon

Luckily, a bunch of rocks are falling out of the sky and landing near the tower. Look around for one of them using Recall, then jump onto one and recall it high up into the sky. If you don’t find one, you could always make a flying machine if you have the fans and an object.

Once you’ve gotten high enough, paraglide over to the top of the tower and fall inside; remember to paraglide again before hitting the bottom so you don’t take fall damage. Afterward, you can open the doors, activate the terminal, and see how weird the cutscene is when the tower has no lid.

Ulri Mountain

Tears of the Kingdom Ulri Mountain

This one is quite a bit of fun. Once you arrive, you’ll meet with Sawson, who will tell you the tower is non-functional because a nearby enemy has stolen the terminal used to activate it. Of course, this means you’ll have to go get it back, but because it’s an Aerocuda, it’s probably flying just out of range for regular arrows.

Tears of the Kingdom Eldin Canyon

There are a few routes to go about killing this thing. The easiest is to shoot an arrow at it with a Keese Eyeball attached; this will give the arrow a homing property, on top of extending its range far enough to hit the Aerocuda.

Similarly, you could also attach a Keese Wing or a Zonai Rocket, which make the arrow fire almost perfectly straight, and far enough to hit.

If you don’t have any of these materials to fuse to arrows, you could also use Ultrahand and assemble a small tower using the material caches nearby, then get the monster’s attention to get it closer. Once it’s dead, pick up the terminal with Ultrahand and bring it back to the tower, then Sawson will fix it up, ready to activate.

Typhlo Ruins

Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins

When you arrive at Typhlo Tower, you can open the doors and talk to Billson, who tells you that something is wrong, but he doesn’t know exactly what. This prompts you to explore around, where you’ll find quite a few floating platforms and rockets littered around the tower, and if you can put 2 and 2 together, you should know what to do.

Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins

Pick up some rockets, get on a platform, glue the rockets to it, and go up very high. There are some fans as well if you’d like to guarantee you can get up to the top. Once you’re there, move the floating platform blocking the top of the tower out of the way, and it should open right up.

There are some Zonai littered about the floating platforms underneath you, and I’d recommend going after them and getting their rewards. After that, feel free to glide back down and talk to Billson again, where you can finally activate the tower and get the Lost Woods on the map, among other things.

Pikida Stonegrove

Tears of the Kingdom Pikida Stonegrove

This tower is another one stuck up in the snowy mountainous regions but doesn’t have much of an “actual” challenge. The main issue is there only being one sensible way to get to it, with that way containing one of the most challenging enemies in the game. You could go around back or to the sides, but mountains are in the way.

Tears of the Kingdom Pikida Stonegrove

I’d recommend against actually fighting the Frost Gleeok you’ll find on the direct path to the tower. But, if you want to try and take it on, I’d recommend you be at least ten hearts, with good armor and a ton of eyes to make homing arrows. Otherwise, go around it and try not to let it spot you.

Once you’ve gotten past it, with force or stealth, you can climb up the mountain with the steep slopes on this side of it. If the Gleeok is still alive, you might still have to hide from it if it’s been targeting you this entire time. Once you get to the tower, it’s freely able to be activated.

Rospro Pass

Tears of the Kingdom Rospro Pass

This one is pretty simple. It’s easy to fly to (and grants convenient Rito Village access), and the obstacle blocking entry won’t be too hard to pass through. Like the Rabella Wetlands tower, it is covered with thorns, which can be destroyed by lighting them on fire you have available.

Tears of the Kingdom Rospro Pass

This list of ways to light it on fire includes Fire Fruit, Rubies attached to anything, Flint and Wood, a Zonai Flamethrower, and any explosives like Bomb Fruit or Zonai Cannons. If you’d believe me, you can also, in fact, light a torch on fire with any other sources of flame you can find and use that to set this alight, then activate the terminal inside.

Lindor’s Brow

Tears of the Kingdom Lindor's Brow

This one presents an interesting challenge reminiscent of one of the more prolific Breath of the Wild towers that happened to be stuck in a massive pit. However, this one has almost the opposite problem, where it’s stuck on a raised bit of land with a large moat around it to keep you from simply being able to climb onto it.

Tears of the Kingdom Lindor's Brow

The easiest solution would be to fly over there using a Zonai device or have a ton of stamina. If you cannot make the distance, you could try using the nearby material cache to create a bridge, but this also gets quite unwieldy and is challenging to place down once you’ve got everything glued together.

Another option, if you have a Zonai rocket in your inventory, is to take that and fuse it to a shield. Holding a rocket shield out will fly you directly upwards, easily letting you glide to the tower. You could also construct a discount Revali’s Gale by placing a few fans on the ground, activating them, and using that updraft to fly to the tower and activate the terminal.

Gerudo Canyon

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Canyon

This is another tower that isn’t hard to get to but won’t be working when you arrive. It’s also really hot out, so ensure you have some heat protection for this entire thing. Finally, you can head down to the base of the cliffside the tower is on to find Sawson on one of the pulley platforms. The pulley isn’t working, however.

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Canyon

There are several ways to do this, but one of the easier ones is to grab a big metal box from one of the pulleys to the left of this one, then attach it directly to the chain on the other end of this pulley. This should get Sawson to the top without any further frustration.

If you’re having trouble getting the metal box up where needed, there is always some way to cheese the puzzles in this game. You can attach several Zonai devices, heavy objects, or whatever you find to weigh it down.

You can also use fans to propel it downwards. Then, after Sawson is up, he’ll fix the terminal with heat-proof parts, and you can be on your way.

Gerudo Highlands

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Highlands

This one is quite a bit trickier than usual. It’s reachable if you have enough cold protection, but the entirety of the entrance is buried under a ton of snow. The solution to this one is similar to the others with unopenable doors because it’s time to go spelunking and find a cave conveniently underneath the tower.

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Highlands

This cave entrance is located a bit northwest of the tower, and once you enter, you’ll find a large river inside with some leftover construction materials from the crew that got lost here. Now’s about the time you should try and build a raft of sorts; it doesn’t have to be pretty (it can just be a single plank of wood). It just has to float.

Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Highlands

You’ll go through a drop and have to wade through some ruins. Then, you can use ultrahand and recall to position your raft just right. Once you’re directly below the tower on your minimap, you can ascend and activate the terminal inside, leaving the tower permanently buried in snow.


Question: What do Skyview Towers do in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Towers will give you a fast travel point, a place to get super far in the sky from, and reveal more of your map when activated, but they usually have some puzzle or challenge around them.

Question: Are the Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Towers in the same places as Breath of the Wild?

Answer: No, while most of them are roughly in the same place, they’re all more or less in different locations and have other challenges.

Question: How to get the Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: After you leave the Great Sky Island, you should take a trip to Hyrule Castle, do the introductory quests there, and eventually, you’ll activate a Skyview Tower and be given the glider.

Question: How to get to the Sky Islands in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: The easiest way to get a ton of vertical distance and get on sky islands is by activating Skyview Towers, all of which make themselves clear with floodlights.

Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower Locations Guide: Conclusion

The Skyview Towers are good challenges to tackle early on in Tears of the Kingdom, and in my opinion, a fun one. They give you quite a bit of freedom in how you approach the game after they’re all activated since now you can get to any location on the map in only a few minutes by just warping and gliding.

They also reveal the map of both the surface and the sky, making them a crucial thing to do for anyone looking to explore Tears of the Kingdom’s vast skies. They show you where those islands are and give you a convenient and easy way to reach them. I’d recommend getting these all done ASAP.

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