spicy meat and seafood fry guide

Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry Guide

In the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you may have found yourself wishing your spicy meals got you a bit more healing than just a few hearts, and if you happen to have fish, meat, and some hot peppers, you could throw them all into a pot and get a lovely meal out of it.

While this meal may seem oddly specific, it isn’t hard to find many of these ingredients if you know the right place to look for them. That means a Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry is only a few steps away from being your dinner tonight.

A Spicy Meat and Seafood fry is one of the easier meals to make by accident, considering all of the ingredients could quickly be found on the Great Plateau right at the start of the game.

The Ingredients

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You’ll need a Spicy Pepper, a basic Meat, and a basic Fish for a good fry. Now you might be wondering; Aren’t fish also considered meat? Well, yes.

The spice in the Spicy Meat and Seafood fry must be a hot pepper, no Goron Spice or anything else you’d think would work. The meat has to be either raw bird meat or standard raw meat; using prime meat or gourmet will result in something else. The fish can be anything that won’t override the spicy effect, so no hearty fish.

Finding Peppers

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While Spicy Peppers technically grow around the foothills of most cold areas, the most accessible place I’ve found to acquire a ton of them is right under the Bokoblin enemy camp on the Great Plateau, where you can locate quite a few plants harboring the peppers.

This camp is located on the trail up the mountain, by the river. You’d probably remember it as that camp next to the freezing lake that expected you to build a bridge to the other side.


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Meat for the fry is a little more picky than you might think. While you may feel just about any meat could be thrown in, you need raw or bird meat specifically. Therefore, anything such as Prime meat, Gourmet meat, or anything that could be considered meat will not produce the Spicy Meat and Seafood fry.

You can find birds and other animals that produce the meat we want just about anywhere. Birds tend to perch around large open fields or higher areas such as mountains, and creatures like Rams can be found in forested areas or in fields. Either way, most will only take a single shot from an arrow to kill.

Fish Finding

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The easiest way to obtain fish is to find a neutral fish that won’t mess up the recipe and turn it into something else entirely by searching the ponds around the Great Plateau. These ponds are usually full of Hylian bass and are easy to catch, even without zapping them.

The quickest one to find that’s full of fish is the small pond at the foot of the Great Plateau Tower. Around five fish will quickly fall to using a shock arrow or lightning rod or just jumping in and mashing the A button. Either way, you’ll get more than enough seafood for the fry.

Making the Dish

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Once you’ve got the ingredients, it’s time to cook. First, open your inventory and press X to hold your ingredients; you can include as many of each as you want, as long as all three are present. Then, find a pot to cook and toss them in, and hopefully, you’ll get a Spicy Meat and Seafood fry.

There are some variations and foods you may make instead. Firstly, not using pepper will result in a Meat and Seafood fry with no spice. This one may be good if you want to throw together some meats and fish and don’t care about the warmth benefit it could give.

Suppose you put in a hearty fish instead of a normal one. In that case, you’ll end up with a regular Meat and Seafood fry, which is a pretty raw deal considering it does not give you complete health restoration, whereas just cooking the hearty fish on its own would give you a full restore and +2 or +3 hearts.

spicy gourmet meat and seafood fry
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Using Gourmet meat instead of regular will result in a Spicy Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry. While it definitely should have the “Gourmet” before the “spicy,” it does grant quite a few extra hearts, and the art implies it has a whole fish head, which scares me.

For some reason, using Prime meat will result in a Prime Meat and Seafood fry without spicy variation. Using other spicy ingredients or stat-boosting fish usually produces a standard Meat and Seafood fry. This dish doesn’t leave much room for experimentation.


Question: How do I make a Spicy Meat and Seafood fry in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Use a hot pepper, regular meat (such as birds), and fish that don’t boost stats. Tossing these together will give you a Spicy Meat and Seafood fry.

Question: What is a good meal to make on the Great Plateau?

Answer: If you find meat, peppers, and fish, you can make a Spicy Meat and Seafood fry. This will heal quite a bit while also giving you some cold resistance.

Question: What is the Old Man’s Recipe in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: The recipe written in the Old Man’s journal is a Spicy Meat and Seafood fry made with ingredients that can all be found on the Plateau, namely a hot pepper.


The Spicy Meat and Seafood fry is a convenient meal to have on hand in Breath of the Wild. The ingredients are all easily found within the game’s tutorial area, and it gives a nice boost to cold resistance, allowing you to climb up to the cryonis shrine with a bit of extra health.

Once you get later in the game, this recipe will probably be a lot less worth creating. It should be noted that just cooking the peppers on their own or with less picky recipes gives a similar cold resistance boost, and there are way better things for health.

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